Zuzana Reľovská

Zuzana Reľovská started her professional career in the American corporation DELL by building a shared services centre in Bratislava city centre. After massive recruitment, she focused on training hiring managers in the area of qualification interviews, building employee branding and she also took care of internal and external recruitment campaigns. As she became more attracted to the area of coaching and consultancy, she has spent the past years by supporting development of Korn Ferry Hay Group organisations as the Leadership Development Consultant.

After going through difficult burnout experience in 2010, she started looking deeper into this phenomenon in her blog burnout.sk and she attempts to pass her know-how onto others while pointing out at various causes, symptoms, and consequences associated with the whole burnout syndrome. In her opinion, there are more and more demanding managers who are on their way to ruin their own career as well as the entire teams or companies.

In her lecture at EVOLVE! Summit, she will help us detect the risk factors and possibly the symptoms, stages and various forms of preventing the burnout syndrome with our business partners, leaders as well as ourselves.