Zdeňka Krejčíková

Zdeňka worked as the HR specialist at Seznam.cz for 5 years and now she has been working as the Recruitment Manager at CN Group, software company, for over 2 years. She has been active in the IT area since her university studies, she learns programming and considers recruitment to be an opportunity to connect marketing, business, and psychology, which are fields that inspire her in her job. Last year, Zdeňka won Recruitment Academy Awards as the Recruiter of the Year. And this year she started doing her own trainings where she passes her know-how to others. You can find all about her job and tips to try within the recruitment field in her blog.

At the EVOLVE! Summit, Zdeňka will reveal how to avoid being rejected as much as possible. She will show you the offer rejection statistics before and after changing the recruitment process. At the same time, she will explain why it its important to build relationships with candidates from the start to the end of recruitment process and why emotions are important.