Vojtěch Bednář

Vojta owns a company called Firemní sociolog where he, being a consultant, specialises on issues of building and maintaining a company culture associated with leadership, motivation, and management of employees within the companies. He teaches managers of all levels to help people perceive the company as a part of their lives to make their work efficient, meaningful and fulfilling the needs of the company as well as themselves. He has written a number of books and specialised articles focused on the motivation and stimulation of employees, on the enforcement and communication of changes and unpleasant situations within companies, management changes and changes in processes during the sales or mergers and acquisitions of companies. Vojta’s lectures are full of practical tips from his years of experience presented in an original and funny way that’s so typical of him. 

At the EVOLVE! Summit Vojta will tell us about the common struggles of companies which are going through changes. Whether your company grows or you just need to change certain routine processes, it’s always associated with many moments which can go wrong and lead to the loss of your people’s trust. If you underestimate, miscommunicate or just assess something incorrectly – all this can lead to the loss of trust and good atmosphere within the team you have spent so much time on gaining. Vojta will tell us about the common mistakes of HR management or even the company management and about the things they often underestimate. He will also share with us how to notice the warning signs at the right time and how to respond to them accurately.