Rastislav Duriš

Rasťo is a qualified English teacher and a psychologist who has also studied social and organisational psychology. In Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, he has helped build renowned brands Hogan a Schuhfried specialised in psychodiagnostics and promote the advantages of online psychodiagnostics in HR.

He currently runs his own consultancy company called spoluHRame specialised in leadership, team and organisational development and business games. Since 2019, he has also been active as a team coach and consultant in the area of company cultures and innovations at ableneo, an IT company.

Rasťo is a buster of the leadership myth and emphasizes that leadership is a task of the entire team. In his opinion, facilitation skills – the ability to release a group’s potential – are the key the success. He brings renowned world approaches to Slovakia as well as the Czech Republic supporting participatory management – Rocket Model of Team Performance, Gamestorming, Management 3.0, Liberating Structures or BetaCodex Network. 

At the Summit, he will conduct a workshop focused on empowerment. In his workshop, he will introduce a tool called the Delegation Poker which helps set authority and decision-making within teams.