Radomír Antoš

Radek is an experienced software development manager in the area of mobile telecommunications and mobile device safety. He has managed teams in several locations around the world. In his job, he has come across various approaches of teams, individuals as well as various company cultures. He has got to know huge corporates and learned about founding new development branches and how start-ups grow. Radek has tried successful transformation development  from the waterfall method to agile. Besides his technical role in this issue, he loves cooperating with people and teams. He believes that team work brings better long-term results and higher satisfaction than if working as individuals. 

Within the HR area, Radek has been involved in the creation of many teams, in recruitment and in motivating people at good and bad times as well. Among other things, with his team he is currently building his Wandera brand on the labour market of Brno. Within the constant growth of the Wandera CZ development branch, he has been helping his team to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in team management. QED, a company with which Radek and his team cooperate in a leadership programme for their leaders and managers, is of great help in this area. In order to perform these activities, they use Sociomapping provided by QED. 

At the Summit, in his joint lecture with Milan Hrabovský, Radek will share his practical experience of using Sociomapping while monitoring the functioning of agile teams.