Olinka Vlachynská

Have you ever been to Bar, který neexistuje, Super Panda Circus, or 4 Pokoje? The people behind these bars and restaurants have created a unique ecosystem of company cultures well-known all around the country. She is a qualified psychologist; the people from “Lidi z Baru” call her PsychOlinka. You hardly ever get a chance to meet her at her office because she spends most of her time out either at meetings or coaching lessons and workshops. She is very proud of “Lidi z Baru”, as the team is even more beautiful on the inside than on the outside.

She calls herself a translator of company values into practice: it is very important to her that the people from Lidi z Baru are able to talk about the values and follow them as well. She wants them to create together such an environment where each individual feels to be a part of the system and is proud of it. An environment enabling all individuals to be proud of their work, to go the extra mile and to develop their skills. An environment where personal growth complies with company growth and where all individuals are doing their best because they want to instead of having to.

At EVOLVE! Summit, Olinka will tell us how all the individual bars and restaurants were created and how the unique company culture could be built in such a varied ecosystem. She will also share with us how these places hire new colleagues, train them, help them develop their skills and what has affected them most in building company cultures. The talk will boost your energy and show you how the individuality of individual teams can be supported while evolving the overall company culture.