Modiara Kamps

Modiara is a young professional with a broad understanding of business strategy, recruitment processes and leadership. She belongs to highly-reputed employer branding experts with global experience and loves to make people happy, by creating experiences that have impact on their lives within the employer branding field. Working in the recruitment industry from the start of her career she follows recruitment trends and developments to actively implement these into businesses.

Modiara will guide us through the correct settings of employer branding strategy from the very beginning. Most companies are aware of the need to build their employer brand. However, what’s the right way to set the management expectations and KPIs to make them attainable for the management and to provide them with the right arguments and data? How to measure and assess employer branding? How to set a short-term strategy and link it to the long-term one? Modiara will teach you how to get off to a good start.