Maru Kortanová

Maru Kortanová graduated from her university studies of the Czech language and literature as well as creating writing, she is a freelance copywriter and for the past 5 years she has been a co-owner of Pábení. As a creative writer, she cooperates with Knihy Dobrovský, Masaryk University as well as a serious of cookbooks called “Jíme zdravě”. She used to be involved in service and product marketing, however, now she has been active in the area of company communication where she creates new strategies and associated campaigns based on the company data. 

She has contributed to the creation of recruitment activities at Kentico in Brno, at T-Mobile and Slovak Telekom, and along with her team she designed a recruiter’s cookbook. For her HR activity design for Adastra, her team won the Golden Semicolon Award in the category Content Strategy. She is the happiest when she can work in a team directly with clients and monitor how they adopt designer’s methods and tricks to create quality content. 

At the Summit, she will conduct a workshop focused on recruitment communication audit.