Karolína Presová

Karolína provides digital well-being training to the broad public, companies, parents, teachers, and professionals. Her training is valuable due to the fact that she doesn’t give just instant tips and tricks on how to switch off from work, but she helps people find a complex solution and the heart of the issue instead. She helps her clients find a long-term solution to their problems, so that they have a better work-life balance with respect to technologies. Thanks to her workshops, her clients are able to eliminate the negative impact of digital technologies and learn to take a step back from the digital space to their true selves. Her vision, which Karolína applied in the Replug me project, is to help people live a more efficient and more meaningful life in the digital times with a strong emphasis on empathy and improving interpersonal relationships which tend to flatten within the online space.

She has spent a year by training this topic in Asia where the excessive use of mobile phones and social networks in companies as well as in society constitutes a huge problem. Within her personal consultations, she works with clients from Sydney via Singapore to Prague and teaches them to understand the links between their emotional status, work performance, and the number of hours spent by holding a mobile phone in your hand. You might have read about the Replug me workshops in Respekt or Hospodářské noviny, or you might have heard some of the news reports or interviews for Český rozhlas with which Karolína has cooperated on their digital detox project.

As a representative of top Czech projects fulfilling the UN sustainable development goals, she has been nominated for the SDGs prestigious award for her seminars for schools, parents, and companies with Replug me.