Jana Meniarová

Jana Meniarová, also known as Meňa, is responsible for the HR area at Bonami focusing on creating and sustaining an open, free and friendly company culture and on creating a unique employee experience and leader support.  

During the three years since she joined Bonami, the company size has tripled; it currently employs approximately 150 people and its yearly turnover nearly comes to a billion Czech crowns. Bonami is a furniture and accessory e-shop founded in 2013 – a growing young company full of young people constantly undergoing the process and structure modification to reflect the needs of the strategy, customers, and employees.

At the Summit, Meňa will share with you the story about how her and David Šiška, the CEO, focused at Bonami on the support of junior leaders and how they attempted to build its strong middle management. She will back up her story with leader feedback data and she will try to identify the key factors of their success.