Gabriela Jakabová

At Kentico software, Gábina is responsible for HR as well as for finance, legal issues, and office management. Simply said, she does everything that needs to be done for the company to run smoothly.

Over the decade she has been working for this company, many things have changed. A small, unknown Czech company with 50 employees has turned into a well-known international company with 250 employees over three continents. The world of recruitment has changed a lot, too. Employees are much more interested in company culture, its environment and the story behind. In order to attract the right people, all this had to be adapted to the company communication strategy.

At the Summit, Gábina will tell you how a new HR web was prepared at Kentico software. If you consider updating your web, too, come and get some advice on how to do it. You will find out all that needs to be done, all the things you must include and, on the other hand, the things you can leave out. She will show you which other tools you can use on the web and which tricks you can do.